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The solution

Atlas is a centralised data source for your various stakeholders. Manage assignments on a single platform by integrating easily with your HRIS and third parties. Expatriate, managers and administrator can access Atlas powerful functionalities on all devices.

How do you want to benefit?

  • SaaS for faster deployment and upgrades.
  • On-premise implementation for more control.

Atlas Standard features

Atlas is a highly configurable system managed by IT specialists. From our standard package to the unique features, we are committed to providing a solution that fits your requirement.


Manage all matters relating to assignments, from start to finish. This includes managing processes, policies and the evolution related to the lifecycle of the assignment.


From sending automated payments instructions, to advanced features such as shadow payroll and split payment.


Calculate Cost Projections and Cost Estimates, carry out hypo tax calculations and full assignment compensation for as many assignment policies as you need.

Business Process

Design and automate your processes with dynamic workflow, manage responsibility, set notification and reminders for various tasks.


Track activity and location of all your assignees to extract detailed reports for tax calculations.

Security, Permission
& Compliance

User-friendly management of data and its confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. Advanced Data privacy functionality will ensure compliance at all times.

What else do you need?

As owner & editor of the software,

the Atlas team is committed to implementing your needs.

Example of custom developments

  • Compensation package wizard.
  • HRIS Process integration through interfaces.
  • Specific Control process reporting.

We facilitate global mobility strategies
for complex organisations

Security & Data privacy

Employee data is Gold;
Security is a must.

Customized solution

Unique clients have unique needs.
Our solution fit your needs.

Project & IT Implementation

Successful solutions start with
successful implementation.